This page contains documents submitted to DWR during the formation of the BCGSA, as well the final GSP to be submitted to DWR. Once the completed GSP is submitted to DWR, it will be posted online on the SGMA Portal within 20 days for a 75-day public comment period. DWR will notify the public when GSPs are posted using the SGMA listserv. Please visit the links below to view currently submitted GSPs and to sign up for the SGMA listserv.

As always, the BCGSA values and invites your participation during the GSP development process. Please contact us with any questions or comments.

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SGMA Annual Reports

Water Year 2021
Water Year 2022

Final Bedford-Coldwater GSP

Final Bedford-Coldwater GSP

Documents Submitted to the California Department of Water Resources:

Joint Powers Agreement
Resolution to become the Groundwater Sustainability Agency for the Bedford Coldwater Subbasin
Basin Boundary Modification Request

EO-N-7-22 Well Drilling Application Approval Procedure

Well Drilling Application Approval Procedure